The Extraordinary Mango Macaron!

The first batch of Macaron Dress Sets in Mango are complete! This warm, vibrant color has been a joy to sew with between the spring showers and glorious spring sunshine.

I like big bows and I can not lie! *giggle*

I have a few more of these to sew up, then it will be on to Raspberry (color E)!

❥ Maggie

Parasol Doll Macaron Dress in Mango

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Blythe Springtime Tea Party • Portland, OR

Blythe Springtime Tea Party

I am co-hosting the Blythe Springtime Tea Party with HelloMiss.Quito!

If you are in the Portland, OR area, I hope to see you there!

❥ Maggie


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And the bead goes on…

I’ve been working hard on batches of Macaron Dresses! I recently finished the last set of pale blue clip dot (B) and I am super close to finishing the last set of rose pink clip dot dresses (A). If you are on those lists, you’ll be hearing from me soon!

Parasol Doll Macaron Dresses in Menthe

Up next is the warm and wonderful orange clip dot (C)!

There is still room on the list for colors D-H.

❥ Maggie

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Macaron Dress List

- Hello dolls -

One of the hardest decisions for me has been whether or not to keep a commission list of sorts. I tried a modified type of list with my Queue, but it did not work as well as I’d hoped. I know a traditional commission list won’t work for me for a variety of reasons, so I am always brainstorming ways of getting my dresses on the dolls of the people who want them most.
After much consideration, I’ve decided to open up a list for Macaron Dresses!

♣ Joining the Macaron List ♠

Email me {maggie @} with the following information:

  • First Name
  • Relevant Usernames, Flickr, Instagram, etc.
  • PayPal email & contact email, if different
  • Country for Shipping (must be the PayPal address)
  • First color choice and a back up color if desired

I sew Macarons one color at a time in batches of 4-6 dresses. Once I begin a color, I will contact the first few names on the list and create a private listing in my shop. Once the dresses are complete, I will send them out and list any remaining dresses for sale.
I will not contact you unless I’ve begun sewing the color you choose. I reserve the right to balance sales between the list and shop.

Macaron Dresses include a French lace petticoat & silk hair bow.
The current price is $50 which includes US Shipping. International shipping is based on the country it is sent to and I only charge the actual shipping overage.
Please review my Policies.

Macaron Colors

A note on fabrics and colors:
Fabrics A, B, & C are textured with clip dots which you can see as little nubbs in the photo. Fabrics D, E, F, G, & H are smooth and do not have clip dots.
As we all know, on screen colors vary. I do my very best to represent colors as accurately as possible and they look correct on my screen. If you have concerns or need an exact match, contact me before purchasing.

Colors A, B, & C are no longer available.

❥ Maggie

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Happy New Year!


Hello dolls! This comic pretty much explains the past year. Yup, I’ve been terrible at balancing all of my responsibilities and accidentally neglected this site. Never fear! I still love dollies with all my heart and I love creating tiny treasures to adorn them!

The past year has been incredible! Le Jour B 2012, BlytheCon Europe 2013 & BlytheCon NYC 2013 were all wonderful events that I feel privileged to have participated in. I love seeing all your faces!

This year will be no less exciting! I will be vending at BlytheCon Europe 2014 in Amsterdam and BlytheCon Seattle 2014. I hope to see lots familiar faces and meet as many new people as possible. Will I see you there?

There are a few changes in store for Parasol Doll. I have decided to retire the Parasol Doll  Queue. It just wasn’t working out like I had hoped, but I have a new idea on how to manage a future list. More on that soon!

I am also embarking on another creative endeavor with intensity – to establish myself as an independent knitwear designer. You can follow me down the rabbit hole at 

Much love! ❥ Maggie

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Macaron Dresses

Available in the SHOP now!
One Macaron Dress per customer please!

Enjoy! ❥ Maggie

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The Pâtisserie

I will be updating the shop with a handful of Macaron dresses this weekend!
Three colors will available – Blue, Fuchsia & Orange. Possibly some Middie dresses!
One Macaron dress per customer, please.

The update will be on
Saturday, Sept. 1 @ 11:00 a.m. PDT

Current Local Time

Greta is modeling a Parasol Doll Macaron Dress in Blue with a French Lace Petticoat in Cream.

❥ Maggie


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Le Jour B 2012

Surprise! I will be vending at Le Jour B !

I am honored and excited to return to Paris this year. Le Jour B is such a fun event!
The theme is Happy Birthday Mademoiselle! to celebrate the 40th Birthday of Blythe. I am happy to celebrate this auspicious occasion as much as possible. The adorable painting was created by Nocciola.

Will you be attending? I hope to see all your happy faces!
❥ Maggie


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BlytheCon Europe 2012

My stall at BlytheCon Europe in Berlin!

I had such a wonderful time at BCEU! In addition to all the wonderful dollies, I met many new people, made some life long friends and had a ton of fun! Berlin is one of my favorite cities in the whole world, so I was excited to visit again. It did not disappoint!

- Some of the orphaned dresses from the convention are now in my Shop! -

Inquiring minds want to know:
There will be more Macaron dresses to come! There are a few colorways I could not make in time for BCEU and some colors I did not use all of the fabric. I’ll update this page, Facebook & Twitter when they are posted!

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A few of my favorite moments in Berlin!

If you use Instagram follow me @keyinherpocket!

If you do not use Instagram, you can follow me on the web here:

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